Outfit Wishlist | New Look

It's been a while since I've written up an outfit wishlist, I've been so busy lately that anytime I do go shopping, I tend to get a bit 'tunnel vision' with make up (more than usual anyway). So clothes wise I've been pretty good and even thrown a load away...which is all good until you realise you have no decent 'up to date' things to wear out! (any excuse Ami, any excuse). Here are a few bits that caught my eye on New Look's website this week for a fresh spring evening outfit!

MAC Mineralize | 'Soft & Gentle'

Another busy week, another multi-use product to cheat on my getting ready time in the mornings! I've had this for a few weeks now and only really thought I'd use it when going out or for more dressed up occasions. I have in fact used it so much, nearly daily! Mac's Mineralize Skin Finish in 'Soft & Gentle' (picking all the appropriate product shades at the moment aren't I...) has had quite a good reputation floating around on online so I picked it up on a MAC trip to see what all the fuss was about.

Bobbi Brown 'Hot Nude' Palette

Another busy week another late post...! But this time it's fine because I am writing about the absolute perfection that is the new 'Hot Nudes' (try hashtagging that on instagram) collection by Bobbi Brown. Kate Upton collaborated with Bobbi Brown on this and it's slightly brighter than their nude collection last year. I bee lined for the eye palette (some things never change) but there's lip pencils & cheek palettes that are gorgeous as well.