Colour Correcting & Why I Love It

Breaking my blogging silence (it's been a busy few weeks!) with alllll the colours of the rainbow today! I've been colour correcting as the first step to my base routine for a good few months now, and have found it makes a lot of difference once finished. I picked up this MUA Colour-Correct palette in Superdrug a few weeks back & have loved using it for it's multi-functioning purposes all in one place. I love how easy and simple colour correcting your face can be, and not be totally serious and 

Throwback Thursday | Matte Foundations Get a Revisit

I think we all know and (mostly) love the hilarious hashtag that is #ThrowbackThursday on various social media sites. Que the 'hilarious' photo's your best mate upload of the night you thought that home haircut & outfit was so on point....cringe. This post is pretty similar, after I gave in and gave two things a revisit that I didn't think I'd be doing anytime soon! One being matte foundations, and the other being a L'Oreal foundation, not something I thought I'd be doing again for quite some time!