A Nars Haul

Back from my holiday and scheduled this to post whilst I was away but looks like it didn't work, abooo! This was a few weeks ago now but hope you enjoy reading about my (not so) little splurge! 

So I might of  tripped and fell on the Nars checkout button. 
Well actually it took me about 3 days to sloooowly trip and fall on the checkout button as per usual, I was uhm-ing and awh-ing about shades & colours. 

This is a bit of a long story about how this haul came about but I might as well include it as otherwise it might not make any sense at all. So here we go!

Manhattan Loving (Part I)

Just a quick post to say firstly apologies for the lack of posts, been getting ready for my holiday and has a few problems with my MasterCard travel card which nearly stopped me from going (it was a tense few days and lots of fun call centre conversations...) but I'm here in New York and I am LOVING it!! Feel so at home and amazed at it all, abit overpowering but so worth it. Currently in a Starbucks drinking a PSL (hashtag white girl probs) in Brooklyn having just walked over and all round the Brooklyn bridge. Here are a few snaps of what I've been up to:

The Long Awaited Nars Sheer Glow Foundation Review

Hello all! Hope you've had a lovely week! 
Mine has been so busy I can't remember my feet touching the ground very much, but being busy always makes the time go quicker which is always a positive! :) Can't believe I will be in New York City in a week!!! Beyond excited. I'm going to be like a child at Christmas on the plane and in the airport as I haven't flown in a good 9-ish years. And that's before we even get to NYC. Pray for me in Sephora. In fact,  pray for me and shiny new Travel MasterCard in Sephora.

Brand - Sleek

Hello again, I've been shopping (obviously) and am back with too many lovely new things, as usual. This time I'm focusing on a brand that I have purchased a few items from recently. Sleek are a affordable, varied cosmetics brand that I found in Tesco on a recent food shop....yes, a food shop. All of the self-control whilst nipping in to buy fruit and veg.

The first product I bought from them was this contour palette I've had my eye on for quite a while, I'm very pale so it's always fun (not) trying to find something paler than my actual skin tone to highlight the high points of my face. I already use a pale concealer to highlight my under eye area to take attention off bags under my eyes (bane of my life) and down the middle of my nose, but this palette caught my eye being a 3-in-1 contour/highlighter/blush hybrid.