Christmas Eye Make Up

Hello all!
Happy Christmas EVE!
It's come around so quickly, where has the time gone?! (that might just be me rushing around not noticing what day it is anymore). Here is a quick but easy festive eye look that I have been wearing a lot lately, and thought I would share with you for the holidays!

Manhattan Loving (Part III)

So on our final few days (including my birthday) in Manhattan, we went to a lot more places and took a lot more photos! Here are some more bits and bobs that we got up to.

America/MAC/Sephora Haul

So on my NYC trip I went to Sephora and got a bit carried away. The same in Mac... woops! Found some absolute gems that I couldn't find here or were sooooo much cheaper than here. Sephora US really is heaven for a makeup junkie (and a hell for debit cards).

Manhattan Loving (Part II)

So carrying on from my last post about my NYC adventure, here are a few more pictures from my trip.