Christmas Eye Make Up

Hello all!
Happy Christmas EVE!
It's come around so quickly, where has the time gone?! (that might just be me rushing around not noticing what day it is anymore). Here is a quick but easy festive eye look that I have been wearing a lot lately, and thought I would share with you for the holidays!

I used my Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette & my new Mac Pigment in 'Melon' for this look, with my usual Collection Liquid Eyeliner & Benefit 'They're Real' Mascara. But feel free to use gel/pencil/ whatever eyeliner & mascara works best for you, these are just my fail-safe products!  if you do not have the eyeshadows mentioned (I know these might be a bit out of some people budgets) a nice shimmery, pigmented gold-bronze, matte brown/taupe & dark brown shimmery eye shadow will do fine! :)

1- Mac Pigment in 'Melon'
2- 'Tease' from the Naked 2 palette
3- 'Snakebite' from the Naked 2 palette

Firstly, prime your eyelid up to the brow with whatever eye primer you have, or concealer, if you don't have any eye primer to hand! This will help the eye look stay on all night :)
Next, using a medium blending brush (I used a Mac #217 here), blend 'Tease' or the matte brown/taupe shadow into your crease, using a lighter hand when going to the tail end of your eyebrow. 
Apply the pigment or gold/bronze shadow onto your eyelid only with a flat eyeshadow brush (I have had this one years and haven't a clue where I found it, sorry!).
Then, taking a more defined blending brush (I used a Sephora #17 Crease shadow brush) take 'Snakebite' or your darker shimmery brown shade, and blend in a line from the outer corner of your eye up to the crease. I also put a little bit of 'Snakebite' under my lower lash line, to about halfway along. I then blend this out with a larger fluffier blending brush, or go back in with some more shadow in that same outer-V shape for more definition (if I was wearing this out in the evening). 
I then lightly blend all 3 shades together in the middle part of my eye/crease with a large fluffy blending brush to blend the look together. 
After this I apply my eyeliner with a slightly straighter flick out towards the end & apply my mascara as I usually would. 
I also highlight under my brow bone with a lighter shadow, using my Benefit Angled Eyeshadow Brush (If you do have the Naked 2 palette, 'Bootycall' is ideal for this).

I am no qualified make up artist, or beautician. How I create this look is in my own way of doing things & I tried to explain this the best I can above! Let me know what you think  of the look or if you do it yourself at home :) 

I hope you enjoy this gold/bronze festive look for the Christmas Holidays & you all have a happy & safe Christmas! 

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