Lush Mini Haul

If you walk into Lush on a post payday afternoon, lets be honest, you're not going to leave empty handed. 
The smell alone makes me want to live in there forever. However many times I tell myself, "I'll just have a look...." I don't know why I bother, because I always leave with a few bits, smelling better and feeling poorer. So to document my over spend here is a little collection of what I bought..

Autumnal Outfit Favourites.

My favourite season is autumn (hashtag white girl) purely because my favourite childhood memory in autumn is taking great joy in wading through piles of crunchy orange leaves and kicking them about, I've done this since I was about 3 and I still haven't grown out of 22.

 I always get excited around autumn/ october time because the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back in stores of all the cosy autumnal clothes, shoes, accessories, bags (the list goes on) I can bring back out from their summer hibernation. And of course buy all new ones...logical Ami, logical. Somebody cut my debit card up, please.

L'Oreal True Match Foundation


Today's post is about a product I've been musing over posting about for a while. Where as this is my own personal blog and I can post what I like, I don't want to post negatively about something, that's not in my nature/personality, so I don't want it projected on here, either. However, I think this is something a few people would agree on given the in between price tag of it.

October Weekend Haul

Hi everyone, came on here the other day to see 1,000 views on my blog in the first month of having! Amazing :) 

As mentioned on my previous post, I went shopping on Saturday. Well, actually it was Sunday as well, my boyfriend had work both days until 2pm so what better filler to do than waiting around than spend money on things I don't need....? Can't beat a cheeky spending trip!  

WIWT: Saturday Around Town

So Today I'm in town picking up some new boots I ordered online and getting a few others bits. Because I was so ill last weekend and spent the whole time in bed wishing I was in Brightons brand new Topshop (priorities) I didn't get to go and do my usual post-payday essentials shop/ cheeky spend. Running out of make up wipes is not ideal! So I've created a list of a few things I've had my eye on and a few things I need back on my dressings table!

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

A whole week without posting on my I feeling okay?! I would of done a new post sooner but I was so bloody ill over the weekend I'm still recovering slightly! 

Onto this new make up bag hermit, I've had a few (a few as in probably 5) samples of this primer from the Smashbox counter & loved it so much I went to buy the full version, saw it was £25.00, reeled back in pure skint Brighton girl horror.....and purchased the travel sized one at £12.50, logical. ALL of the common sense Ami. Trips into Boots does strange things to me, clearly.