Power to The Brow | ABH Brow Wiz

Since buying the Anastasia Beverly Hill's Dipbrow Pomade  I've been a ABH convert and addict, I definitely did not take enough advantage in Sephora! Their products are ones I'm always lusting after, especially after seeing them used in so many US make up tutorials. It's a shame we don't always get the new releases in the UK but hopefully soon we will! I'm loving the strong eyebrow trend at the moment, I pluck my own brows to their natural shape at home, and try to leave without going OTT on them as previous years!  Tempted to try threading next, if anyone has any tips or recommendations?

New Foundation Loving | Vichy Dermablend*

It's been a busy past few weeks with my new job and other bits & pieces to sort out, but I'm finally back to writing posts and editing photos, so forgive the online silence! Not much has changed in terms of make up shopping though, rest assured I've got enough content to keep my chatting for the next few weeks. I've also had havoc with my skin still, which hasn't been fun at all but I will do a post on that separately as it's a skincare issue that some of you may or may not find relevant/helpful! Back today with a new product I was lucky enough to receive from Vichy...

Colour Correcting & Why I Love It

Breaking my blogging silence (it's been a busy few weeks!) with alllll the colours of the rainbow today! I've been colour correcting as the first step to my base routine for a good few months now, and have found it makes a lot of difference once finished. I picked up this MUA Colour-Correct palette in Superdrug a few weeks back & have loved using it for it's multi-functioning purposes all in one place. I love how easy and simple colour correcting your face can be, and not be totally serious and 

Throwback Thursday | Matte Foundations Get a Revisit

I think we all know and (mostly) love the hilarious hashtag that is #ThrowbackThursday on various social media sites. Que the 'hilarious' photo's your best mate upload of the night you thought that home haircut & outfit was so on point....cringe. This post is pretty similar, after I gave in and gave two things a revisit that I didn't think I'd be doing anytime soon! One being matte foundations, and the other being a L'Oreal foundation, not something I thought I'd be doing again for quite some time!

New Primer Offerings from Smashbox...

Torn myself away from a mattifing primer for 2 seconds and tried something completely out of my comfort zone. Primer Water doesn't exactly sound very 'long wearing' or particularly sticking in terms of keeping your make up on all day to me, to be honest. I wasn't completely sold when I read the packaging in Boots at first sight either, I was a bit weirded out by the concept of it! I then spoke to the counter consultant at Smashbox and she did then explain how this was a primer, setting spray & hydration spray all in one. I tried some on and went for a wander round Boots (absolute story of my life) to test it out....

Drugstore Palettes | Maybelline 'The Nudes'

Could I really resist ANOTHER nude palette? Absolutely not. Pretttyyyy sure my eye palette collection is getting slightly out of control now! But 'The Nudes' palette by Maybelline is a complete drugstore gem that doesn't break the bank, and still delivers with quality, so why not? I absolutely love Maybellines Lash Sensational Mascara (think I might be slightly addicted) & their 24-Hr Colour Tattoo Eyeshadows, so couldn't wait to try this palette out once it came to the UK! I first saw it in a Carli Bybel tutorial on Youtube a few months back & after a quick search couldn't find it in the UK. I actually forgot about it after that disappointing result until I came across it when having a wander round Boots' aisles! Maybelline have always been a firm drugstore favourite of mine when it comes to looking for a cheaper alternative to something, and this is no exception!

The Even Longer Awaited Contour Kit | Anastasia Beverly Hills

Hiya! Back again with something I have been dying to blog about for ages now, but had to give it a full turnaround of trying it out. Ahhh this product has been on my wishlist for SO GOD DAMN LONG. I am such a big fan of contouring & highlighting, and the Anastasia Beverley Hills brand since picking up a few of their bits in NYC. I originally had my eyes on the powder contour kit but this came out on pre-order from Cult Beauty a few weeks back and I just knew I had to try the cream version out first!

New Skincare Finds | Eucerin & Garnier

Helloooo again! I've had some absolute mares with my skin lately, and have run out of my usual skincare routine products so decided to keep eyes open for new bits on my last 'wander' into Boots. Over the last few months it has become more and more of a noticeable problem, bordering on me maniacally googling all and anything acne symptom related. It's never easy talking about spots/acne but first time for everything!  I have oily/combination skin and am blemish-prone in the lower half of my face, generally suffering from breakouts in small clusters or under the skin painful bumps that never seem to surface or are incredible small if so, not nice at all! So I was on the hunt for something new that my skin wouldn't grow too tolerant to. My local Boots have started stocking the entire Eucerin range, all colour coded (organisation dreams) for different skin types/problems, a bit like mentioned in my Yes To! post with their range. I liked the look of their stuff after hearing good things about their trusty body lotion that has been going for YEARS. 

Yet Another Mac Haul.....

It's not every weekend I go into Mac (anymore) but whenever I do I seem to end up leaving with various items that I didn't go in for. Same ol' story of 'just popping into boots for some make up wipes' and walking away £60 poorer. Will I ever learn?! Probably not. Anyway onto what I've actually bought lately....I thought this time I'd round up a few items that I've been wanting to get for a while and my thoughts on them! Swatches below of all products mentioned.

New Setting Powder Loving

Ohhhh hiiiii again! Yes I am alive...sorry for the lack of posting, have had a lot going on in the last few weeks that seems to have just snowballed and made me so busy! But I have as per usual been a bit (very) spendy and found so many new beauty buys that I want to rant and rave about which will make their way onto here in the next few weeks. Cough Anastasia Beverly Hills, cough....

Outfit Wishlist | New Look

It's been a while since I've written up an outfit wishlist, I've been so busy lately that anytime I do go shopping, I tend to get a bit 'tunnel vision' with make up (more than usual anyway). So clothes wise I've been pretty good and even thrown a load away...which is all good until you realise you have no decent 'up to date' things to wear out! (any excuse Ami, any excuse). Here are a few bits that caught my eye on New Look's website this week for a fresh spring evening outfit!

MAC Mineralize | 'Soft & Gentle'

Another busy week, another multi-use product to cheat on my getting ready time in the mornings! I've had this for a few weeks now and only really thought I'd use it when going out or for more dressed up occasions. I have in fact used it so much, nearly daily! Mac's Mineralize Skin Finish in 'Soft & Gentle' (picking all the appropriate product shades at the moment aren't I...) has had quite a good reputation floating around on online so I picked it up on a MAC trip to see what all the fuss was about.

Bobbi Brown 'Hot Nude' Palette

Another busy week another late post...! But this time it's fine because I am writing about the absolute perfection that is the new 'Hot Nudes' (try hashtagging that on instagram) collection by Bobbi Brown. Kate Upton collaborated with Bobbi Brown on this and it's slightly brighter than their nude collection last year. I bee lined for the eye palette (some things never change) but there's lip pencils & cheek palettes that are gorgeous as well.

Liquid Eyeliner Free Week ft Benefit's 'Push Up Liner'

Firstly, sorry for the lack of regular posts, been so busy lately my poor little blog took a back seat :( But I'm here again now! 
This week I've been trying not to use liquid eyeliner, mainly because the last time I put it on last weekend was awful. Considering I have been using the same brand of eyeliner, in the same style every day for the past 6/7 years it was a bit strange to have a stinging/burning feeling at the outer corners, watering constantly so any eyeliner I applied just didn't stay on! I have been switching between two of my Collection Fast Stoke Liquid eyeliner that are probably quite old now, so that might be the problem! That or something I've been using is making the skin around my eye area quite sensitive...

FOTD: Casual Grey Eyes

Thought it had been a while since doing a make up of the day/what I've been wearing on my face style post on my blog! So here is one I've been doing a lot recently to make my daily make up a tad different...

What I wore:

Casual OOTD | Brighton Lazy Day

Can't quite believe that it is now warm enough to go out in a jacket only? Is this the same UK I have grown up in?! It's been such nice weather lately and I've been more than happy to throw my ever so loyal leather jacket back on. I had the day off last Friday for my best friends birthday, Brighton was bright and sunny (even cracked out the sunnies for the drive!), so we mooched about town and had some lunch before he went back to London. 

The Scent | Rosie for Autograph

It's been a while since I went perfume shopping! Normally I stick to my usual Chanel Chance for special occasions and Next's 'Just Pink' for my everyday easy handbag/travel sized scent. I have always liked the M&S 'purse size' perfumes since getting a collection of them as a gift for christmas one year actually. Since my faithful Marc Jacobs 'Honey' rollerball (still on my UK hunt for these!) has been decreasing (sob) i've been on the hunt for something fresh and fun for my spring day scent.

My Completed MAC Quad

I don't think I have ever been so impatient with completing a project out of work than my MAC quad. I started it before I went to NY in November and have only just completed it! There is something about seeing empty eyeshadow pans that puts me on edge until they are filled up...

Positive Skincare - Yes To!

Ah, skincare products. How I despise the search for the 'perfect', all round problem-fixing product. Let's be honest, there is never going to be the one skincare product that fixed everything on your face over night. There are other factors such as stress, lack of sleep, time of the month, diet etc etc that affect our skin that products can't compete with. In terms of spots, oily/dryness and dark spots though, I have found a few gems that have changed my opinion on skincare hunting in the aisles of Boots.

Current Base Routine

Seeing as I've actually stuck with a base routine that is the same for longer than 2 weeks I thought it deserved a mention! I find this works best for my skin type and through out the day at work with only one powder touch up (damn you oily skin!). 

Day to Night with the NARSisst Palette

Another payday, another Nars splurge. 
But on such a simple, beautiful and easy to use palette how could I not?! The NARSisst Smokey Eye Palette is the perfect size for popping in your handbag when going from work to a night out in a rush. The kit includes a lovely little palette of a pale ivory matte eyeshadow, a cool toned taupe and a rich dark brown with flicks of gold in it - dreamy. It also includes a miniature version of their large Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner, and a smaller sized angled contour eyeshadow brush. All perfectly sized to use on the go!

Current (& Growing) Mac Nude Lipstick Collection

My obsession with slowly but surely collecting every 90's nude lip colour by Mac is getting a bit out of hand. I blame it all on Velvet Teddy and that god damn Kylie Jenner popping up everywhere with her perfect 90's nude pout on every social media site. However on this little lipstick purchasing journey I have discovered some gems as listed below.

New Boots & OOTD

Recently purchased some new Topshop boots that I have been wearing absolutely everywhere and teamed with a few of these items have been a staple smart-casual outfit! So thought I would do a post on it as these boots & jacket are things I have been picking up time and time again to wear out for different events.
 Links are below for where these items are from, most ship internationally :)

Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

It was only a matter of time before this landed on the blog, wasn't it. The minute I got a email through from Nars about their latest release, I was on their website colour matching and zooming through the check out. I have absolutely LOVED Sheer Glow (review here) by Nars. Sheer Glow set me up with high standards & expectations of Nars foundations, so I wanted to put this one to the test with it's "16 hour wear"& "blends effortlessly with one drop" promises. 


Current Drugstore Beauty Favourites

Yes, another favourites post. I just like buying make up too god damn much.
Despite my NARS addiction, I'm always on the hunt for a decent cheaper alternative, and todays post rounds up a handful of my current favourites. I love a good bargain! The majority are from Boots, but I'm 99% positive you can get them in Superdrug or your local supermarket's beauty section. 

Current Lush Favourites

This post has been on my to-do list for a loooong time. So much that I have purchased another favourite that is not pictured below but I will mention it anyway as I just love it so much. I really like Lush at the moment. As always I'm quite picky (a trend is appearing here...) with the fact I know what I like and absolutely won't pay £7 for a bath 'bomb' that makes my water green and not much else. I definitely am one of those people asking for all the demonstrations in the shop to see which one produces more bath bubbles (a essential bath-taking component). Sorry not sorry.

Too Faced Sweetheart Blush

This would have been a perfect Valentines style post but I have been SO busy the last few weeks it just completely slipped my mind. To be honest though, just LOOK at that packaging, do I really need a holiday as a excuse to write about it?! I picked this up in Sephora in the US after seeing them a few times over here, I was stuck between getting a pinker shade to add to my collection but out of the other two there were a few stark shades that just weren't my cup of tea overall (sorry not sorry). The 'Peach Beach' shade had just the right amount of coral pink, rosy pink & rose gold-esque pink to suit my musings.

Current Favourite Palettes

Another long overdue post! These two favourites today are most definitely ones I fall in love with every time I use them. I've lost count of the times I've mentioned them to friends or banged on about them and their contents! 

I'm a sucker for anything nude hued (all the rhymes) and these two fit the bill perfectly for an all round day-to-night collection of shades. I'm probably the only person that actually reads the little cards inside palettes of the different looks you can create & the mini 'How-To's' from the brand. But I really like them. Not only do they actually work but its always fun to learn different techniques and swapping shades with your own preference. Aaaaall of the mix and match fun.

Can't Put Down | Benefit 'Cheeky Sweet Spot' Blush Palette

Another favourite that I have been picking up time, and time again lately. This time it's a palette, and no, not a eye palette to add to my ever growing collection (yet). I saw these waaaay before Christmas in Debenhams, smack bang in the entrance to the store, surrounded by all of Benefit's Christmas collection & gift sets. After realising it was £30 (If I can remember correctly) and realising it had five blushers, a bronzer and a highlighter in, that normally retail at £23 a pop, it was love at first site. I eventually got my paws on this as a Christmas gift (after a lot of heavy hint dropping & link sending), and haven't stopped using it since! 

The Scent | Marc Jacobs 'Honey' Rollerball

This post has been a looooong time coming. 
Since I discovered these genius inventions in Sephora I have been scouring the internet for others/ a UK replacement for this one that I'm now obsessed with.
 Such a good idea and I can't believe I didn't discover them sooner!

Can't Put Down: Jordana Easyliner

Hello lovelies,
There have been many products lately that I have bought (the majority ones from my Sephora Splurge ) that I just cannot stop picking up and using/taking with me everywhere. So why not write about how much I love them!

Current Skincare Routine

Hello again! 
Thought I would share my current skincare routine, as of lately I have been trailing out more skincare products. I have typically oily/blemish-prone skin and been on the hunt (My local boots have probably assumed I've set up a weekend camp in there now tbh) for some products that actually do what they say on the tin!

Firstly, I will go through my evening skincare routine, before I go to bed. This might sound a bit long winded but it takes about 10 minutes in total!

Wishlist: River Island

Quick post on just a few items I spied on the River Island website that I was wishing on! Then realised this collective would be a good outfit for a casual evening out for cocktails/dinner/ girly drinks...cya bank balance (the shoes are completely justifiable, right?).

Make Up Revolution Iconic 1 Palette

Hello all, 
Hope you've all had a lovely Christmas and new year! 
Of course over the festive period I went shopping and found a few drug store gems in Superdrug. I was on a avid hunt for a baked powder highlighter (another item I kicked myself for not buying in the US) that i wanted to try out under £20. impossible i tell you!! However I finally found one that I wanted to try out in Superdrug that I wouldn't be too miffed if it was shit (I am very, very pale so it could go horribly wrong on me), from Make Up Revolution. Never even heard of them till that swift trip to Superdrug but they had a huuuuuge range of palettes!