Can't Put Down: Jordana Easyliner

Hello lovelies,
There have been many products lately that I have bought (the majority ones from my Sephora Splurge ) that I just cannot stop picking up and using/taking with me everywhere. So why not write about how much I love them!

The first of these is the Jordana Easyliner in Tawny.
I have seen this used many, many times on Carli Bybel's  tutorials! So I made sure I picked it up at a local pharmacy in the US when we were out and about. I've not used any Jordana products before but I do wish I had picked up some of their 'Baked Blushes' as they looked so beautiful and different. Anyway! First impressions when I picked this up to use it was that it looked very similiar to the Rimmel  Exaggerate lip liner I have in 'Eastend Snob' with the plastic casing and roller stick pencil. For $1.99 (about £1.30) and it being drugstore, I didn't really think it would amount to much on me, as I have quite dark lips, naturally.

However, it is really pigmented, and creamy. SO easy to put on and use alone all day. It looks great matte or with a tiny bit of lipbalm on top for a glossier finish. A rose/brick colour that isn't too dark or red-toned, I find it's a 'my lips but better' shade and goes with anything & everything. This plus Mac's 'Velvet Teddy' is a dream made in heaven. I've been reaching for it so much in the mornings, it's so easy to keep in your bag because of it being so thin & is a great base for lipstick. I tend to wear it on its own if I am in a rush and find it stays on for quite a while, topping up the middle parts only when needed. See below for a swatch of the colour (excuse awful swatching skills)

Really have fallen in love with this liner! In fact, I'm slightly worried about it running out! Luckily I found a seller on Amazon (see link above!) so I can't wait to repurchase this. Definitely my go to lip liner at the moment!

What are your favourite lip liners?

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