Christmas Eye Make Up

Hello all!
Happy Christmas EVE!
It's come around so quickly, where has the time gone?! (that might just be me rushing around not noticing what day it is anymore). Here is a quick but easy festive eye look that I have been wearing a lot lately, and thought I would share with you for the holidays!

Manhattan Loving (Part III)

So on our final few days (including my birthday) in Manhattan, we went to a lot more places and took a lot more photos! Here are some more bits and bobs that we got up to.

America/MAC/Sephora Haul

So on my NYC trip I went to Sephora and got a bit carried away. The same in Mac... woops! Found some absolute gems that I couldn't find here or were sooooo much cheaper than here. Sephora US really is heaven for a makeup junkie (and a hell for debit cards).

Manhattan Loving (Part II)

So carrying on from my last post about my NYC adventure, here are a few more pictures from my trip. 

A Nars Haul

Back from my holiday and scheduled this to post whilst I was away but looks like it didn't work, abooo! This was a few weeks ago now but hope you enjoy reading about my (not so) little splurge! 

So I might of  tripped and fell on the Nars checkout button. 
Well actually it took me about 3 days to sloooowly trip and fall on the checkout button as per usual, I was uhm-ing and awh-ing about shades & colours. 

This is a bit of a long story about how this haul came about but I might as well include it as otherwise it might not make any sense at all. So here we go!

Manhattan Loving (Part I)

Just a quick post to say firstly apologies for the lack of posts, been getting ready for my holiday and has a few problems with my MasterCard travel card which nearly stopped me from going (it was a tense few days and lots of fun call centre conversations...) but I'm here in New York and I am LOVING it!! Feel so at home and amazed at it all, abit overpowering but so worth it. Currently in a Starbucks drinking a PSL (hashtag white girl probs) in Brooklyn having just walked over and all round the Brooklyn bridge. Here are a few snaps of what I've been up to:

The Long Awaited Nars Sheer Glow Foundation Review

Hello all! Hope you've had a lovely week! 
Mine has been so busy I can't remember my feet touching the ground very much, but being busy always makes the time go quicker which is always a positive! :) Can't believe I will be in New York City in a week!!! Beyond excited. I'm going to be like a child at Christmas on the plane and in the airport as I haven't flown in a good 9-ish years. And that's before we even get to NYC. Pray for me in Sephora. In fact,  pray for me and shiny new Travel MasterCard in Sephora.

Brand - Sleek

Hello again, I've been shopping (obviously) and am back with too many lovely new things, as usual. This time I'm focusing on a brand that I have purchased a few items from recently. Sleek are a affordable, varied cosmetics brand that I found in Tesco on a recent food shop....yes, a food shop. All of the self-control whilst nipping in to buy fruit and veg.

The first product I bought from them was this contour palette I've had my eye on for quite a while, I'm very pale so it's always fun (not) trying to find something paler than my actual skin tone to highlight the high points of my face. I already use a pale concealer to highlight my under eye area to take attention off bags under my eyes (bane of my life) and down the middle of my nose, but this palette caught my eye being a 3-in-1 contour/highlighter/blush hybrid.

Lush Mini Haul

If you walk into Lush on a post payday afternoon, lets be honest, you're not going to leave empty handed. 
The smell alone makes me want to live in there forever. However many times I tell myself, "I'll just have a look...." I don't know why I bother, because I always leave with a few bits, smelling better and feeling poorer. So to document my over spend here is a little collection of what I bought..

Autumnal Outfit Favourites.

My favourite season is autumn (hashtag white girl) purely because my favourite childhood memory in autumn is taking great joy in wading through piles of crunchy orange leaves and kicking them about, I've done this since I was about 3 and I still haven't grown out of 22.

 I always get excited around autumn/ october time because the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back in stores of all the cosy autumnal clothes, shoes, accessories, bags (the list goes on) I can bring back out from their summer hibernation. And of course buy all new ones...logical Ami, logical. Somebody cut my debit card up, please.

L'Oreal True Match Foundation


Today's post is about a product I've been musing over posting about for a while. Where as this is my own personal blog and I can post what I like, I don't want to post negatively about something, that's not in my nature/personality, so I don't want it projected on here, either. However, I think this is something a few people would agree on given the in between price tag of it.

October Weekend Haul

Hi everyone, came on here the other day to see 1,000 views on my blog in the first month of having! Amazing :) 

As mentioned on my previous post, I went shopping on Saturday. Well, actually it was Sunday as well, my boyfriend had work both days until 2pm so what better filler to do than waiting around than spend money on things I don't need....? Can't beat a cheeky spending trip!  

WIWT: Saturday Around Town

So Today I'm in town picking up some new boots I ordered online and getting a few others bits. Because I was so ill last weekend and spent the whole time in bed wishing I was in Brightons brand new Topshop (priorities) I didn't get to go and do my usual post-payday essentials shop/ cheeky spend. Running out of make up wipes is not ideal! So I've created a list of a few things I've had my eye on and a few things I need back on my dressings table!

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

A whole week without posting on my I feeling okay?! I would of done a new post sooner but I was so bloody ill over the weekend I'm still recovering slightly! 

Onto this new make up bag hermit, I've had a few (a few as in probably 5) samples of this primer from the Smashbox counter & loved it so much I went to buy the full version, saw it was £25.00, reeled back in pure skint Brighton girl horror.....and purchased the travel sized one at £12.50, logical. ALL of the common sense Ami. Trips into Boots does strange things to me, clearly.

Green People Bloggers Event, Reviews & Swatches*

So this is a slightly late blog post (oops) but I've finally got round to it! Last Friday, I was very kindly invited to the Green People beauty bloggers event by my friend Amy, at Koba bar (very suave and trendy and deffo not somewhere to trip up the stairs) with themselves, their products and lots of other lovely local beauty bloggers. Green People are a  Sussex based organic skincare & cosmetic company that are passionate about their products & ethos of ethical, organic beauty.

Lipstick: Mac 'Please Me'

So this product had been on my wishlist for many, many paydays before I actually went in and bought it. The amount of swatches of it I had adorned my hand with was getting a bit ridiculous. Finally, on the typical 'I've spent so much today, I might as well spend that tiny bit more' whim (story of my life),I purchased Mac's 'Please Me'. 

Wishlist: Topshop outfit #1

So I thought I would do something different and whilst browsing on Topshop in my very excited for autumn (seriously, hurry up now) state, I was drawn to some items that are definitely making their way to my payday bank balance come the end of the month. So why not go one step further in convincing yourself you need yet more clothes then a blog post with reasons you've conjured up for them? Perfect excuse!

Daily Favourites: Soap & Glory Hand Food

Hi again!

So this product has been sitting on my dressing table as a stable for quite a while so why not introduce it as it is definitely one of my daily favourites! Although saying that I always buy the travel size fits in my handbag as well as on my dressing table (I definitely have one for each.....girl problems) and smells AMAZING! Seriously so good! I think this was another "oh look it's miniature and relatively cheap, must buy!" then convince yourself that, yes, you are in dire need of a hand cream despite most definitely having about 6 at home from various bath/ fragrance sets from last christmas.

I really enjoy using this as my go-to hand cream as I get dry skin especially around my nails (years of biting nails has gotten the best of the poor guys) and at/after work (I blame paperwork) but it is so creamy and smells beautiful! My hands always feel so moisturised and soft after using it that it's no wonder I'm forever topping up the miniature version for both on the go and at home. Why I don't just buy the larger one I will never understand (the miniatures obsession strikes again) but oh well! I buy this from Boots as I save up the points on my card for more expensive essential make up products like my mascara (god damn/bless you Benefit) and just to clarify, I don't buy both of these at £2.50 each at the same time whilst the larger one is £5.00..... I bought them on separate occasions but it's something that wouldn't surprise me if I did do. 

Origins Super Spot Remover

Hi there! 

Thought I'd do something different and try a skincare post! 
(*Slight disclaimer, just because this product has worked for me, might not mean if may work in the same way for you. Everybody has different skin types & different problem areas so unless my skins been cloned this may have a varied effect from what I found.*)

Zoeva Rose Gold Brush Set

So after lots of umm-ing & aah-ing I finally purchased these after having my eye on them for months (literally, months), and I'm so glad I did! The set includes 5 face brushes, 3 eye brushes & a cute clutch-style bag to store them in, or, like me,  use as a going out bag. After using these in my normal make up routine in the mornings, instead of my older brushes, I have seen a clear difference already & can see why these are so popular! I definitely do not use as much make up as before which is always a bonus skincare-wise & feel my make up looks so much better when applied with these, than my other brushes before.

A little introduction...


So I'm slightly new to all this (after 3 hours of trying my best to make it look as organized/neat as possible...) but after months (literally, months) of deliberation, I've finally given in and set up a blog for beauty/fashion/fitness/general lifestyle posts.