Wishlist: Topshop outfit #1

So I thought I would do something different and whilst browsing on Topshop in my very excited for autumn (seriously, hurry up now) state, I was drawn to some items that are definitely making their way to my payday bank balance come the end of the month. So why not go one step further in convincing yourself you need yet more clothes then a blog post with reasons you've conjured up for them? Perfect excuse!

1. I'm in desperate need of a new pair of jeans. Just some new everyday, normal blue skinny jeans. The staple skinny jean that goes with everything & you end up becoming quite attached too because they are just so loyal to each outfit. However, being 5'1 it is INCREDIBLY difficult to find jeans that fit length wise. I have spent/dedicated entire days in town to just looking for jeans and given up because they're too long or, they fit in the waist but not in the leg length. Or, the best one, they fit & you go to roll them up a few inches thinking could this be The One? They then turn into some hideous creation of clothing that is nothing like their actual style or fit. Oh the changing room tantrums I have had. 28" leg jeans seem to be the best fit so far, as do the Topshop 'Leigh jeans', so I normally stock up there or the New Looks petite range jeans are a good fit too. If anyone has any other suggestions of other petite skinny jeans let me know/ put me out of my misery every time I go shopping!

2. I will never, ever get tired of shirts. Checked, patterned, chiffon, lacey, floral, whatever it is, I just seem to be drawn in. I have had to put a shirt ban (literally) on myself because it's now taking up half a drawer and I have limited drawer space. But this beautiful autumn-y (Is this a word? Somebody please tell me it's a word) checked shirt is definitely a must-buy because it can go with so many different combination outfits! Tucked into a skater skirt, over jeans, with shorts (obviously in the warmer months, yes they do exist in england), with leggings, oh the possibilities are endless. A warm toned checked print like this is such a staple, if it had a wave of neon pink or purple through it I would be saying otherwise. I'm sorry bank account but this shirt is a must for my autumn wardrobe.

3. Yes that is a snood. No I'm not sorry I lust after odd shaped scarves. These are so easy & versatile for throwing on when, like me, you're really crap at reading the weather. Because they're already wrapped up on a cosy circle they a.) take up less space in your handbag (always a winner with me) and b.) take even less time to throw on and go. This light grey one looks so warm & cosy, not to mention easy to go with any outfit. Buying a brightly coloured/ patterned winter scarf is all fun and games until you have to wear it with a coloured/ patterned outfit because you're freezing your tits off & it's the only item of warm clothing you have, hello clashing. (It's def not my fav thing in the world and probably why I have so many bags).

4. Right, so I didn't really see the hype around cuff jewellery as knowing my bony wrists I just assumed they'd either fall of or get caught on something. Plus, all the leaf & flower looking cut out ones confused me (it doesn't take much). This simple but clean cut cuff I can picture with a variety of outfits and occasions, in the daytime or evening. Love simple accessories like this that can dress up any outfit! 

5. I've wanted a pair of chelsea boots for a while now, well more like I've wanted a decent pair of black ankle boots (I can't keep buying identical pairs of brown boots, it's getting a  bit ridiculous) for a while. Probably because again they can go with anything and everything, worn casual or dressed up for a evening out. These ones have a little gold buckle that I prefer than the all over plain black ones as it makes it look just a bit more interesting! Looking forward to purchasing (sorry not sorry bank account, this decision has already been made) these and wearing them throughout the autumn/winter months!

6. Yes. Yet ANOTHER tan coloured bag. Will I ever stop buying different shades of brown bag that look identical? No. No I will not. In all honestly I have been thinking I need a nice slouchy comfy satchel to just throw on and go for a while. I was looking at the absolutely adorable pale pastel blue one in River Island but realised however cute and adorable it was, it would only go with about 2 items in my wardrobe, not ideal! The reason I probably get through so many handbags is because they start off looking so clean, smart & crisp and then I throw my entire life in there, cart it around daily and wonder why it looks so worn so quickly. Logic Ami, logic. However, this slouchy, casual style satchel looks perfect for chilled, comfy days.

 What are you favourite items for autumn? 

Until next time,


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