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So this is a slightly late blog post (oops) but I've finally got round to it! Last Friday, I was very kindly invited to the Green People beauty bloggers event by my friend Amy, at Koba bar (very suave and trendy and deffo not somewhere to trip up the stairs) with themselves, their products and lots of other lovely local beauty bloggers. Green People are a  Sussex based organic skincare & cosmetic company that are passionate about their products & ethos of ethical, organic beauty.

Once we'd arrived, met Amy & Poppy who were hosting the event, had a glass of wine (it counts as one of my five a day, right?) we sat down and discussed a few bits and bobs about the company, beauty & their products that we would be trying. I never even realised when told that by Amy & Poppy when buying something in boots, it only needs to have 1 organic ingredient that can make up as little as 1% of the product for it to be labelled 'organic'. Learning things like this from Green People shocked me, especially for someone who has problem skin and always trying new products out to combat breakouts & oily skin. I will definitely be reading ingredients on everything I pick up in Boots now! We also learned a bit about the history of the company, the founder & her desire to find something that would cure her daughters skin problem, after countless attempts with doctors, skin creams & medical remedys, she went natural and back to basics with nature to find a cure herself. Months later of using natural, plant-based ingrediants, her skin was completely clear! We then later met her daughter who had the most unreal skin I think have ever seen!! Seeing face-to-face proof like this was enough for me!

After our beauty chat and a few nibbles (amazing grazing boards, I went overboard with the olives. No. Shame.) We had a look and tested some of their products, their lip crayons came in 3 amazing shades, I've definitely got my eye on the pink shade for payday! They also had some amazing bath gift sets with beautiful autumn packaging, perfect for christmas presents that smelt divine! It was great to see products being labelled clearly on the front of how much was organic in a clear percentage. Whilst looking at the different skincare products I noticed that the Green People products were all over at least 65%. Very eye opening to what we actually buy and what we actually read when purchasing on the packaging. It was a really fun evening, especially to meet other local beauty bloggers and see a different approach to skincare.

We also got givena  lovely goodie bag filled with treats! They were presented so pretty and even survived my bus journey home (if you know brighton & hove buses, you will understand what their 'driving' is like)! Inside were lots of amazing things:

Samples of creams from their Age Defy range.

Samples of Green Peoples hydrating creams, cleanser & hand cream from their skincare range.

Full size Gradual Tan moisturiser & Vitamin Fix 24-hr cream.

I tried this out one evening this week to see if my face would look any more brown the next day, not being one to ever dare tanning my face (playing safe I leave that to bronzer) I had a go. The next morning I did see a slightly warmer tone to my face but I don't think I'd put enough on! So the next night I tried slightly more, applying it to my face and neck and noticed the next day, a lovely NATURAL LOOKING face tan! I will deffo be using this before nights out when tanning the rest of my body! Was so impressed with this product, as I don't tan in the sun (ever) and am not too keen on being pale constantly, so this is a good addition to my tanning collection! :)

The Vitamin fix 24-hr cream was also lovely to use, for me it's more like a thick moisturiser to use before bed after a deep cleanse. My skin is oily anyway so I found I couldn't wear too much of this on a daily basis. Otherwise, it is very refreshing and smells lovely.

New releases of their Lip Primer & Eyeshadow duo

I found this in my bag and was absolutely ecstatic to try it! It is more like a balm than a dry primer and I've been using it under lip colours throughout the week to get a feel for it. I do like it but feel it does add a glossy, wetter texture to my lip products. For Matte products, this is great as it doesn't make them so drying throughout the day. If you have dry lips, pop this on as a barrier between the two to avoid dry skin making your lipstick sit in the problem areas. On glossier lipsticks I found this didn't really keep them on any longer, but it did make them look a lot more pigmented. I have quite dark pink/red lips naturally so it was nice to see some pigments of lip colours I have shine through in all their glory after one coat.

This eyeshadow compact came in my bag as well. Two neautral shades with a glowy but not overpowering, shimmer. And it with a little mirror as well, great for on the go! I've been using the lighter shade for highlighting under my brow bone & the darker shade for over my lid, with a matte brown in the crease throughout the week. It's really opened my eyes up  and made my daily eye make up look much nicer! It doesn't sit in the crease or wear/fade throughout the day and isn't too heavy for a day in the office. Overall, I'm really impressed with this little duo & can see myself using it a lot in the future.

Swatches of both shades, the lighter cream shade to the left, and the lighter brown shade to the right.

I had such a fun time at the Green People event and loved my goodie bag I received. It's made me consider looking into just what I'm putting on my skin daily and how its affecting it over time. I would never of thought how much different going all natural really makes but from what I've heard and seen from Green People, it really does make so much difference. Green People also do vegan, vegetarian, scent-free & sensitive ranges of skincare/ cosmetics, so there is a massive range for just about anybody! Hope this helps anybody wondering about natural and organic skincare/make up! :)

Until next time,


*Please note, these reviews are 100% mine and 100% honest. Anything I am sent or given to review for free, I will only put my honest opinion and experience with the products, If I do not like or get along with the it, I won't review it, simple! I am not a  qualified make up artist, beauty consultant  or skin care expert, so please remember what may work for my skin, may not have the same affects on yours! Everybody is different and has different skin! :)

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