Review & Swatches; Maybelline 24-Hour Colour Tattoo Eyeshadow

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Thought it was about time to do a make up product review seeing as I've bought so much of it lately (will I ever learn)! I recently purchased the Maybelline 24 hr Colour Tattoo eyeshadow in 'Pink Gold', because I've been trying to wear less eyeliner and not become dependent on it everyday (contraire to popular belief you CAN look human without lining your eyes every single day), after watching a few different make up tutorials on youtube on eyeliner-less looks (I needed convincing),I thought going for a lighter shade would help me look more awake with just mascara on top of my lashes. I've already got a few champagne/light beige colours and fancied a drastic change (I am not a pink eye make up kinda girl in the slightest, until now I thought it would give me a more 'constant hayfever' look). Neither am I the biggest fan of cream/ gel eyeshadows at all, in fact I really didn't see the point of them,  or particularly want the colour sitting in my crease all day long and extending my facial age by 50 years. Nor the pencil eyeshadows that are of a cream eyeshadow consistency. Yes I'm boring and old fashioned with good ol' powder.

However, after taking the daring plunge (trust me, for me it really is that bad) I bought one in the lighter pink shade, and being suitably surprised by how it didn't actually sit in my crease all day or wash my face out and make me look like a baby mole rat. I was thoroughly impressed with it's pigmentation & how well it stayed on ALL day in the office without retouching/ fading/ smudging! 

I then had my eye on the bronze shade but couldn't find it in my local Boots at the time of impulse eyeshadow shade buying. This purchase however, has a little story behind it rather than frogmarching myself into Boots on a spree as per usual. I had to go on a Merchandising & Marketing trip up to South London one day a few weeks ago that involved driving around various (about 11) supermarkets checking merchandising packaging for work. Typical me, not having a clue how to drive round Croydon, let alone Clapham, I took a friend with me (lucky her, I know, poor girl) and we stopped at our local Tesco for petrol & coffee before setting off on our road trip at 8am (we definitely weren't saying this by the end of the day), of course I accidentally tripped and fell into Tesco's make up counter section & saw they had the bronze shade in stock! After trying it on my hand quickly to see the shade on my skin, I realised it was probably time to get a move on and get on the M23 instead of faffing with eyeshadows... ANYWAY! After 8 hours of driving round South London and eventually getting to the last bloody Sainsburys at about 5pm, I noticed the swatch on my hand was still clear, pigmented & un-smudged. I decided there and then in Redhill Sainsburys to go and buy it as a 'well done for driving through London & not killing any cyclists' present to myself (clearly a valid reason...), this decision was probably largely on the fact I might have been tired/wanted to spend money on something other than coffee.

The 'On and on Bronze' shade is perfect for any eye colour really, but I do like that these kind of shades bring out the blue in my eyes a lot more! I apply it with my finger rather than a brush as I find it gives a lot more coverage and pigment, mainly on the lid and then blend out with my finger if need be. It can be made darker/ more intense colour by packing on more on the lid but you really do not need loads to be honest. I found it quick and easy to apply & can now easily not have to wear eyeliner to work with these amazing eyeshadows, they definitely do the definition job as much as eyeliner! I use the lighter pink shade for days when I look tired to help me look a bit (a lot)more awake (and not as if i'm about to pass out like a sloth on my desk). Also, is a great quick evening look with eyeliner & lashes, when in a rush rather than (as much as I love them) sitting there spending 15 minutes on your smokey eyes (sorry dedication what?!).

(Sorry for the crap quality, but I'm new to this swatching business)

Overall, I have to admit my stigma and stubborn hatred for cream eyeshadows has been well and truly shown the door since buying these. I love the packaging and think they are ideal for travelling or a long day where you don't want your make up sliding off your face after 4 hours! I can see these lasting me a loooong time as I only need to use a tiny bit to achieve the coverage desired. I have already looked into other shades to purchase, I think the 'Immortal Charcoal' grey shade will be one of my next purchases from this wide range of colours! One day I will brave bright coloured, aqua/neon etc eyeshadows, one day, but for now pink is about as daring as I've gone (sorry not sorry). And for only £4.99 each for such a great long-wearing product, I'm pretty impressed at the quality.

What do you think of cream eyeshadows? Have you tried the Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo eyeshadows? What did you think of them?

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Unknown said...

I love these so much, on and on bronze is so perfect for so so many things!

Sophie x

Unknown said...

Me too! It's such a versatile colour :)

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