Origins Super Spot Remover

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Thought I'd do something different and try a skincare post! 
(*Slight disclaimer, just because this product has worked for me, might not mean if may work in the same way for you. Everybody has different skin types & different problem areas so unless my skins been cloned this may have a varied effect from what I found.*)

After seeing lots of rants (the good kind) & raves about Origins Super Spot Remover, I decided to mosey into town to buy it from Boots (walked innocently in to buy just this and ended up spending £60......wooops) and try it out on my annoying break outs I keep having. I normally use the Freederm Gel but find it is very sticky & leaves a dried residue if you apply it before bed at night, so opted for something slightly stronger (aka spots please be gone). 
This is a pretty brave/different subject for me, I mean what girl wants to sit there and talk about their problem areas, specifically spots?! But anywho, here we go! I have oily, porous skin that tends to break out around my chin/lower face area rather than above. Although I've never had acne or a severe skin problem, I do tend to get the smaller spot kind of break outs, probably due to me sub-consciously forever playing with my hair... On that note, onto the product review!

The packaging itself is pretty usual of Origins; very organic looking, matte-textured card & lots of detailed tiny writing of what's in it and what it's made without etc. (made without animal ingredients is always a bonus!) The small bottle is very sweet (girls and miniatures...will I ever get over this? Probably not) and easy on the eyes with a matte blue bottle & white writing which is not in as much detail as the box. That is literally covered on all sides! The box itself is only 2 inches tall & the bottle is 10ml, so it really is tiny for £15.00, I did reel back in horror and do the 'oh-shit-that's-alot-of-money' sideways facial expression when I first saw it but reading all the different reviews about its strength and positive outcomes other people have had with it, I back went in to purchase it.

I apply this after my evening skin care routine (toning cleanser & moisturiser), before bed, so it has at least 6/7 hours to sink into my skin and work its magic. The consistency is like a thin liquid gel and you do only need a tiny tiny amount. The Origins sales assistant also mentioned to use a small amount on the skin/ spot area as it is very strong, so following this advice I used a tiny pea-size (by that I mean a small pea, well the smallest pea you can get in a packet of peas....if that's even imaginable at 10pm on a Wednesday night) blob on my finger and worked it into the area I wanted to focus on. This does sink in to my skin nicely and I don't feel half a hour later that is dried on top of my skin & being useless. The smell of it though is extremely potent, almost a very bleach like, chemically (is that even a word Ami) scent but not horrifically off putting. In fact, as ridiculous as this sounds, I think the smell of it actually helps me get to sleep quicker?! Anyway, the next morning I woke up and was pretty amazed to see said spots either dried up or no longer of any size but flattened out & just like my ordinary skin! Can you imagine the joy I was faced with of finding something after years of trying god knows how many products that genuinely gets rid of spots?! Because I then nearly fell over in the shower with it (not ideal at 6.45am).

Overall, I am really satisfied with this product and can see why paying £15 for such a tiny bottle is so worthwhile and how it's won awards for its formula. I would definitely repurchase this but wouldn't recommend using it every night as, like most anti-blemish products, I would imagine once your skin becomes tolerant to it, it might stop working to such a high standard. I intend on using this only when I have break outs in major areas, but it's definitely something I will be keeping on my dressing table! Considering I've never really used Origins skincare very much, this product has swayed me into trying other ranges of theirs such as their 'Oil Control' cleansers/ toners etc.

Have you ever used Origins skincare? 
What are your opinions on their skincare products?

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