Zoeva Rose Gold Brush Set

So after lots of umm-ing & aah-ing I finally purchased these after having my eye on them for months (literally, months), and I'm so glad I did! The set includes 5 face brushes, 3 eye brushes & a cute clutch-style bag to store them in, or, like me,  use as a going out bag. After using these in my normal make up routine in the mornings, instead of my older brushes, I have seen a clear difference already & can see why these are so popular! I definitely do not use as much make up as before which is always a bonus skincare-wise & feel my make up looks so much better when applied with these, than my other brushes before.

Here are a few reasons why I have fallen in love with these so quickly ;

 The packaging of the brushes & clutch bag are beautiful & great quality.
 As mentioned above, these brushes do so much for your coverage & application of make up, I've noticed a significant difference in the amount I apply now than before.
 They are made from real & synthetic hair, making the application easier to work with.
 Each brush is a dream to work & blend with, why I didn't invest in these sooner i don't know...(typical me).
 I love the little drawstring bag it came with, I haven't yet worked out if it's a travel case for them or something else...but it was a nice surprise to open and keep for other uses if need be.
 NO shedding! Absolutely amazing and definitely a selling/keeping point for me!

So, there have not been any con's (yet) of these brushes, yet but I can definitely see myself purchasing more Zoeva products in the future!

What are you favourite Zoeva products? 
Have you tried any Zoeva Cosmetics?

Until next time,

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