Lipstick: Mac 'Please Me'

So this product had been on my wishlist for many, many paydays before I actually went in and bought it. The amount of swatches of it I had adorned my hand with was getting a bit ridiculous. Finally, on the typical 'I've spent so much today, I might as well spend that tiny bit more' whim (story of my life),I purchased Mac's 'Please Me'. 

 It's one of their matte lipsticks which I think makes the colour look a bit more velvety and rich when on. I already have Mac's 'Pink Plaid' which is extremely similar to this shade but slightly paler pink. Probably why I umm-ed and aah-ed over getting such a related shade of the same colour again, £30 on pretty much the same colour lipstick? Have I well and truly lost the plot/my eyesight? Probably. However, on reflection of the two shades I feel this slightly darker one is more day wearable. Whereas the lighter one, especially on my natural lip colour, is more of a evening  look, because it stands out and is more noticeable on my lips. I wore this to work actually and was surprised at the 'your lips but better' colour of it, the pigmentation is really good with the Mac matte shades, and I'm always impressed it doesn't dry out and look like a different colour than the one in the tube entirely. It also glides on so easily and has a nice stickiness to it, sounds so weird BUT I mean it as in you can actually feel it on your lips, not like a horrible dry matte lipstick that leaves a nasty dry line after 30 minutes of wear (I will not mention any high street store names...). That or I just talk too much, lipstick or no lipstick. I only topped this up a couple of times at work, which for me (I live off coffee all day long), is pretty good going!

Overall, I'm pretty happy I gave in a bought this. I've teamed it with Rimmels Exagerrate Lip Liner in 'Eastend Snob' and it gives such a full, rich lip. Really good combination! I've seen alot of Kylie Jenner style lip make up tutorials floating around blogs & Youtube to make your lips appear fuller. I haven't tried them myself as I don't really feel the need to make mine any larger than they are. But for people that do want that bigger, fuller lip, I would recommend this combination! The pigments & textures in both complement the look really well. Talking of Rimmel, (and probably going off on a tangent here) I bought a few of their Kate Moss Lasting Finish Matte lipsticks & No. 101 is a great high street dupe (£5.49 in Boots) for this if you can't afford Mac. It is more of a middle shade between Pink Plaid & Please Me but still a lovely matte rose pink shade nonetheless.

I definitely want to indulge in a few more Mac shades this year, maybe when I head to America later on in the autumnI will get a few, as I'm assuming they will be cheaper than here in the UK! Absolutely in need (this word is finding itself into my daily routine far, far too much) of a new red, possibly a darker berry red for winter, a nice nude  (the search for the perfect nude lipstick continues....) & probably yet another coral (because I haven't got enough coral shades already Ami)!

And here is what the colour looks like on myself, excuse my tired face/worn out makeup, it was right after I'd got home from work so probably not looking so fresh at 6pm!

Have you tried any of the Mac matte lipsticks? What are your thoughts on them?

Until next time,


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