Daily Favourites: Soap & Glory Hand Food

Hi again!

So this product has been sitting on my dressing table as a stable for quite a while so why not introduce it as it is definitely one of my daily favourites! Although saying that I always buy the travel size one....it fits in my handbag as well as on my dressing table (I definitely have one for each.....girl problems) and smells AMAZING! Seriously so good! I think this was another "oh look it's miniature and relatively cheap, must buy!" then convince yourself that, yes, you are in dire need of a hand cream despite most definitely having about 6 at home from various bath/ fragrance sets from last christmas.

I really enjoy using this as my go-to hand cream as I get dry skin especially around my nails (years of biting nails has gotten the best of the poor guys) and at/after work (I blame paperwork) but it is so creamy and smells beautiful! My hands always feel so moisturised and soft after using it that it's no wonder I'm forever topping up the miniature version for both on the go and at home. Why I don't just buy the larger one I will never understand (the miniatures obsession strikes again) but oh well! I buy this from Boots as I save up the points on my card for more expensive essential make up products like my mascara (god damn/bless you Benefit) and just to clarify, I don't buy both of these at £2.50 each at the same time whilst the larger one is £5.00..... I bought them on separate occasions but it's something that wouldn't surprise me if I did do. 

Overall this hand cream is definitely a daily staple of mine & does what it says on the tin! The only thing I could possibly find slightly wrong with this is that mine does come out in a very thin squirty line smaller than the actual nozzle (is that even the right word for it?) although that might just be me being cack-handed  (more than likely). I would recommend this for anybody looking for a cute, nice smelling & moisturising, soft hand cream on the go or if you're travelling anywhere. For £2.50 they last ages as well, so always a bonus (but not if you're like me who uses it after everything....woops).

I haven't really dabbled in any other Soap & Glory products apart from a felt tip eyeliner pen given to me by a friend for Christmas last year which was very good but quite drying & needed topping up a fair bit. However, since seeing Zoella use their Archery Brow Tint & Pencil, I've looked over a few options and considered their Trick & Treatment Dark Circle Corrector & Peach Party Multi-Colour Blush Brick which look lovely!

Have you used any Soap & Glory Products? What do you think of their make-up?

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