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Hello again, I've been shopping (obviously) and am back with too many lovely new things, as usual. This time I'm focusing on a brand that I have purchased a few items from recently. Sleek are a affordable, varied cosmetics brand that I found in Tesco on a recent food shop....yes, a food shop. All of the self-control whilst nipping in to buy fruit and veg.

The first product I bought from them was this contour palette I've had my eye on for quite a while, I'm very pale so it's always fun (not) trying to find something paler than my actual skin tone to highlight the high points of my face. I already use a pale concealer to highlight my under eye area to take attention off bags under my eyes (bane of my life) and down the middle of my nose, but this palette caught my eye being a 3-in-1 contour/highlighter/blush hybrid.

The packaging is nice and simple in matte black, and a decent size to keep in your handbag if you have a long day and want to touch up your contour/blush.

The palette consists of a matte bronzer, a cool-toned highlighter & a coral coloured blush. I really like the bronzer, it's easy to use as a contour, whether you do a quick sweep under the cheekbones or a full contour of temples, cheekbones, nose & under the chin. It's a very versatile shade and can be made darker by layering but it's not over powering on the first use.

The highlighter I was surprised at, I imagined a pale/almost white matte contour powder, but this was a shimmery, glowy highlighter. I suppose I was disappointed as I can only use it on the top area of my cheeks, cupids bow or tip of my nose. BUT I do find myself reaching for it under my brow bone, top of the cheeks to give a nice glow if I'm wearing a matte blush & on my cupids bow if I'm wearing lipstick. So not all is lost! But it is something to consider when buying. 

The blush in this palette, is the real winner here, I was so surprised when I put it on! It's a beauuuutiful coral colour with a shimmer in it. Which isn't always welcome as I have my own natural 'glow' (thanks oily skin), however, I don't need to use any highlighter as this acts as a dual blush/highlighter. I apply mine lightly on the apples of my cheeks and sweep it up above my contour to my lower temples, then blend together so there are no.harsh.lines (god forbid). I really like this blush and reach for it so much as it looks so glowy (not usually my kinda thang) and a beautiful shade.

 Swatches- L-R; bronzer, highlighter, blush.

The next product I bought within the Sleek brand was a lipstick. I'd been musing over the colour for a while as wasn't sure if it would wash my face out too much, but I'm glad I went for the drug store alternative to the high end, such a good little find that I now find myself popping in my handbag so much!

This lipstick is a really nice rich dark red colour, although I've noticed in photos it looks more of a normal/brighter red, and not so dark? Which is odd as whenever I put it on  I always think it's a vampy dark red! I use the Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Liner in Hollywood underneath to keep it stay put aaaaall day. It really does stay put and I often find the next day I've still got it lingering on a certain drier part of my lip, so coverage and long wear is naaaaht a problem with this one! I went for the sheen version as I find matte drugstore lipsticks quite drying. It gives the shade a nice glossy finish which is perfect in the coming winter months and it starts to get colder out. Loving this shade and have been using it so much lately! 
(Have another post-work product it's getting darker and I look slightly blue/yellow tinged.)

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with the sleek products I picked up, the coverage and wearability (is that a word? It is now) of both of them is really good, and the pigment of both the lipstick and contour palette are strong and leave a good finish to any look I've used them with. I would recommend looking at the sheen on the contour palette before buying, if shimmery highlighters/blushes aren't your thing (although you might be pleasantly surprised with this blush, sorry I'll stop banging on about that coral shade now), I would look at getting a more matte contour palette. Nars do a good one (see here) which I've been lusting after for absolutely ages, or if you are looking for a cheaper high street alternative, Seventeen do a very similar, but cheaper alternative (see here). I will be looking to review more products from Sleek (already got my eye on their concealer palette), it's always fun discovering new products and different brands that you haven't used before, especially when the quality for the affordable price is so good.

Have you tried any Sleek products? What did you think of them?

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