A Nars Haul

Back from my holiday and scheduled this to post whilst I was away but looks like it didn't work, abooo! This was a few weeks ago now but hope you enjoy reading about my (not so) little splurge! 

So I might of  tripped and fell on the Nars checkout button. 
Well actually it took me about 3 days to sloooowly trip and fall on the checkout button as per usual, I was uhm-ing and awh-ing about shades & colours. 

This is a bit of a long story about how this haul came about but I might as well include it as otherwise it might not make any sense at all. So here we go!

I have been on a absolutely hunt for Nars Sheer Glow for quite a while. So much that it then turned into me now knowing all retailers for the above product and their standard, next day, and Saturday delivery costs. that is how much I looked around for it. More like stalked. I went and got colour matched in Space NK to 'Mont Blanc' and decided to come back the next weekend to buy it as I couldn't afford it at the time. This is after reading possibly every review ever published on the internet about it. Hours spent on Google, for £31 on a foundation that doesn't include a pump (!!!) is absolutely worth the stalking in my eyes. So the next week didn't happen and it turned into 2 weeks, then after payday I finally went in to buy it. Off I marched into Space NK to buy it, only to be told it wasn't in stock in that store (all of the feels). So I thought oh well I will pick it up online, on their website! Oh no, said karma, lets make it out of stock online everywhere!! Not on Space NK, Nars, John Lewis, Look Fantastic, Harvey Nichols (yes I went that far), Selfridges, Asos, Sephora (not that it ever wants to work for me anyway) EVERYWHERE. I scoured the internet in search of this holy grail, highly praised product. I then gave up, disheartened and went to bed dreaming sad little dreams of a flawless base and glowy silky finish.

HOWEVER. There was a light at the end of this dark foundation-less tunnel. A few days later, I went on the Nars website on my lunch break, to find it had come into stock. Not 3 ridiculous shades but all 20 shades! I literally cried with happiness and nearly ran round the the house screaming hallelujah. So in my basket that proudly went. 

....Aaaaaand then I looked at their lip pencils, then at all the colours, and matte/satin finishes and before you know it their Satin Lip Pencil in Mandore was in there with Sheer Glow making my basket a little less empty. Then I realised I hadn't yet bought said foundation pump, and in that went (at £3 can I reiterate, £3 extra on top of £31!). Then the awful kind of shopping persona came over me which goes on for a few days and I have absolutely no control over whatsoever, where I convince myself I absolutely need and can not leave the website/checkout I'm browsing until I have a certain product (normally completely random and not really ever desperately needed). In this particular case it was a Nars Blush. So after 2 days on and off picking the perfect colour in went Unlawful. Did I need it? No. Do I care it was £22.50 and I already have a barely used Nars blush? No, because one is never enough or too much. ever. 

So long story over with, my hunt for the foundation turned into a bit of a splurge and I bought these beauties. Needless to say I was hastily refreshing my Hermes tracking page the day it arrived. 

Nars Blush in 'Unlawful' - £22.50

So far I am loving them all, I rarely buy a large amount in one go of high end make up as I'm (unfortunately) not made of money. Next week I'm finally going to New York City (wooo!) so I'm sure that will all change as I have to take my credit card with me. Its for the hotel I promise....erm.

You can find the review I did on Nars Sheer Glow here.

The blusher is a lovely warm rosey copper shade which is perfect for autumn/winter against my usual bronzer/contour on the cheeks. It warms my face up without too much unnatural pink as well, so I've been reaching for this daily! It looks very natural and is easily buildable, the shimmer that is shown above does not come through too heavy and gives the face just the tiniest bit of glow from within.

The lip pencil I wore religiously for about 4 days until I realised it's probably not the best lip product to wear if you are munching down on a burger or something messy food wise, hello lip stains everywhere! It is long wearing and a lovely dark red, not pillar box, or massively bold, but a must for winter, and this colder weather! I wore this to work and it stayed put for a long long time, a plus for me! I am yet to sharpen it though so I will report back on that!

A quick snap of me wearing all 3 products from my haul.

Have you tried any Nars products? What did you think of them?

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