Manhattan Loving (Part III)

So on our final few days (including my birthday) in Manhattan, we went to a lot more places and took a lot more photos! Here are some more bits and bobs that we got up to.

Carriage ride around Central Park

Blending in to my surroundings in Central Park!

With a Bone Daddy at American Musuem of Natural History.

Pizza the size of my face.

23rd birthday dinner at Fedora

View of Manhattan & the Empire State Building from Top of the Rock

Grand Central Station

Homeward bound from JFK

So that is the last of my trip to NYC. It really is a place that you fall in love with in five minutes and for a lifetime. I can't wait to go back! I also visited the original Nars store on Bleecker Street which was AMAZING and I spent quite a while in there deciding on what to buy (went for the And God Created The Woman palette!) and I still dream of it, such a beautifully designed store! This is just a small collection of Instagram snaps, if I used my actual photos from my camera we would be here for weeks! I hope you enjoyed my travel posts from my trip to the big apple, something different from my usual beauty posts!

Until next time,

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Unknown said...

Such lovely photos Amy, I'm glad you loved it! I went for the first time in February and desperately want to go back!

Merry Christmas! :)

Hazel xx

Unknown said...

Thanks Hazel! I can't wait to go back either!! Hope you're well, Have a lovely Christmas xxx

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