Make Up Revolution Iconic 1 Palette

Hello all, 
Hope you've all had a lovely Christmas and new year! 
Of course over the festive period I went shopping and found a few drug store gems in Superdrug. I was on a avid hunt for a baked powder highlighter (another item I kicked myself for not buying in the US) that i wanted to try out under £20. impossible i tell you!! However I finally found one that I wanted to try out in Superdrug that I wouldn't be too miffed if it was shit (I am very, very pale so it could go horribly wrong on me), from Make Up Revolution. Never even heard of them till that swift trip to Superdrug but they had a huuuuuge range of palettes!

I picked up the Iconic 1, which had the broadest range of shades in the palette and stood out to me most for quantity of different matte & shimmer eyeshadows. I really liked the gradiant change from the palest pink to the deep browns/ greys (the photo makes it look blue, I don't know have a clue why!) with lovely bronze shades in the middle as well. The palette does come with those annoying sponge applicators (let's be honest here) which I personally don't use or care for but you could always take a smaller flat/ thinner brush in that space, if the palette went with you on your travels.

Swatches from L-R; lightest to darkest shades.

 It's pretty versatile & I've worn it a few days to work testing out the durability of the shadows & blending power. They are pretty pigmented as you can see here which for £4 is a absolute steal! 
However, which when I got it home and eventually put it away with my other palettes, I noticed it looked very,very similar to my Naked 2 palette. In fact, when I looked online the Iconic 1/2/3 all look like their higher end Urban Decay counterparts. hmm, funny that! Apart from the odd £33 in price!
Although there really isn't anything bad about that fact, if the Naked palettes are slightly too out of your budget, I would recommend using these first as the colours in both are so close. 

(Not the best photo comparison but you get the general jist of it)

The only annoying thing about this palette is that the sections of each eyeshadow pan are very narrow, not ideal for a big fluffy blending brush picking up the next colour! But that is me being very very picky. Overall, I think it's a great palette and super affordable for those on a budget that want a lot of variety. or if you just want a cheaper alternative to the Naked palette.

Have a lovely week!

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I've heard great things about this product, lovely post x

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