Colour Correcting & Why I Love It

Breaking my blogging silence (it's been a busy few weeks!) with alllll the colours of the rainbow today! I've been colour correcting as the first step to my base routine for a good few months now, and have found it makes a lot of difference once finished. I picked up this MUA Colour-Correct palette in Superdrug a few weeks back & have loved using it for it's multi-functioning purposes all in one place. I love how easy and simple colour correcting your face can be, and not be totally serious and 

MUA Pro-Base Prime & Conceal palette is four colour correcting colours around the edge of the palette with a concealer shade in the middle. The formula of the concealers are really creamy but super pigmented, I've found a little bit goes a long way in terms of coverage, I definitely use less of this green shade over redness than I did with the Max Factor CC Stick, it's much easier to blend out as well. I personally use the green shade the most, and the yellow for any purple/blue-ish tones under my eyes. I mainly neutralise the green over any stand out blemishes before putting on my foundation, with a thicker coverage concealer so the green doesn't show up and make me look like the grinch's secret twin throughout the day. I think this is actually on offer in Superdrug at the moment, and they stock the individual colour correct shades in individual concealer pots if you already know which shade you want/want a singular one! Not a bad idea, I know I will be repurchasing the individual green pot myself!

I thought I'd include a colour wheel showing which colour corrects which colour on the skin tone, it's much easier to see it's opposite & which colour cancels out/neutralizes others in this view I think! From what I use in this palette, Green corrects red/pink tones, I use this around my nose & on my problem area's, like my chin. Orange/Peach colour corrects dark circles on every/most skin tones, I have only used this on myself a few times before. Mainly when my eye bags are beyond repair & also need lashings of concealer to bring them back up to life. Purple colour corrects yellow or sallow/dull/tired skin and brings it back up to life with brightening it slightly.Yellow corrects dark purple/blue tones under the eyes, great for those nights you haven't got your 8 hours (who honestly does though?!) and need a quick fix pre-work! I use this before primer & blend with either a flat foundation brush or with my fingers to even it out once applying it, I think it really makes a difference to my red area's where it needs neutralising the most.

What are your favourite ways to colour correct? Recommend me any new products if you do! :)

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