Current (& Growing) Mac Nude Lipstick Collection

My obsession with slowly but surely collecting every 90's nude lip colour by Mac is getting a bit out of hand. I blame it all on Velvet Teddy and that god damn Kylie Jenner popping up everywhere with her perfect 90's nude pout on every social media site. However on this little lipstick purchasing journey I have discovered some gems as listed below.

Half'n'Half is one I recently saw on Birds Words and loved the look of it after buying Velvet Teddy & Mac's Staunchly Stylish lip liner. It's a beautiful warm brick red toned lipstick that is perfect for adding a bit more depth to your look for a evening out where you might not want to go full Russian Red but still want a dramatic lip. Saying that, it can be worn in the day time depending on what eye look you go for at work or in your daily make up :)

Blankety I picked up after seeing it floating around on Instagram and swatching it in store. How I lived before this beauty I do not know?! It's a lovely pink toned nude that is perfect for day to day wear or in the evening. A great all round colour that is perfect for any occassion! I would say this is a bit more nude & wearable than Creme Cup which is a slightly brighter pink. Really loving this colour & have found myself popping it in my handbag so much lately.

Honeylove is a pre-payday (woops) cheeky spend that I swatched and ended up putting on my 'to buy' list. It's one of their matte range so I do end up putting a tiny bit of vaseline lip balm on top to stop drying out so quickly in the day. This is the most tan-nude toned of the 3, and is very wearable with a slightly more smokey daytime eye. It's a lovely colour, not so flesh toned as 'Myth' but deep enough to stand out compared to it.

Swatches of all 3 lipsticks.

I already have so many more on my 'to buy' list that are all in line with the 90's nude trend that is sweeping the Instagram world by storm. Next on my list are Cherish, Brave, Viva Glam 2 & Kinda Sexy by Mac.

What are your favourite nude lipsticks at the moment? Give me suggestions so I can go spend more money on lipsticks...!

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