Liquid Eyeliner Free Week ft Benefit's 'Push Up Liner'

Firstly, sorry for the lack of regular posts, been so busy lately my poor little blog took a back seat :( But I'm here again now! 
This week I've been trying not to use liquid eyeliner, mainly because the last time I put it on last weekend was awful. Considering I have been using the same brand of eyeliner, in the same style every day for the past 6/7 years it was a bit strange to have a stinging/burning feeling at the outer corners, watering constantly so any eyeliner I applied just didn't stay on! I have been switching between two of my Collection Fast Stoke Liquid eyeliner that are probably quite old now, so that might be the problem! That or something I've been using is making the skin around my eye area quite sensitive...

So this week I have tried to go without my trusty liquid liner (sob) and switch it up with some no eyeliner eye make up (got asked if I was ill twice), pencil eye liner (all of the smudging!) and gel eyeliner. The last gel eyeliner I used was from Rimmel in the pot and brush format, I really like them for different reasons to liquid but I do find the pots dry out so quickly if you don't use them every day! I got the Benefit They're Real Push Up Liner a while back as a miniature version that came free with my old trusty Benefit They're Real Mascara, I think it was a new launch promo pack they were doing. To be honest I used it once, didn't get on too well with it. The 'felt tip pen' style of the gel application didn't bode well and I just could not get straight lines with it at all, it felt drier than any other gel eyeliner I'd used. Needless to say it was put in my make up drawer and forgotten about!

I picked it back up after using pencil eyeliner on my liquid liner free week and decided to give it another chance. You have to click the bottom of the pen round to release some of the gel formula to the felt tip at the top. Instead of clicking it multiple times and have too much product come out, this time I only click it round once and got on much better than previous attempts! With only a smaller amount to work with, it is easier to drag it along and draw out my wing. I used this 3 days out of 5 on my liquid liner free week and it did get easier with practice, so don't be impatient like me and bin it after 1 use! 

The only cons I found were that like other gel liners I have used, it did smudge slightly by the end of the day. I went to a friends for dinner straight from work one day and had some slight smudge marks but they disappeared pretty easily once I fixed myself up! The only other con was when using my eyelash curlers after applying the product to my upper lash line was that it did smudge/come off slightly, but nothing a touch up can't help! Overall, I actually really like this, it does take a bit of practicing but once you get to grips with it and the felt tip end I fell back in love with gel eyeliner! Definitely a good alternative to using liquid liner everyday.

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