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It's been a while since I went perfume shopping! Normally I stick to my usual Chanel Chance for special occasions and Next's 'Just Pink' for my everyday easy handbag/travel sized scent. I have always liked the M&S 'purse size' perfumes since getting a collection of them as a gift for christmas one year actually. Since my faithful Marc Jacobs 'Honey' rollerball (still on my UK hunt for these!) has been decreasing (sob) i've been on the hunt for something fresh and fun for my spring day scent.

I was given a M&S gift card for christmas and wanted to spend it in their new, exciting and expanding beauty section. I'd walked past the new Rosie HW display in M&S a few times and really liked the look of the perfume, and the scent had me sold when I tried it out. It's a beautifully light floral & rose tinted scent, perfect now the weather is picking up into spring/summer. I love wearing this as my daily go to scent as it lasts hours, you can still get hints of it throughout the day which I love! Yet not overpowering, no strong granny floral aromas here! Need I mention the ROSE GOLD PACKAGING?! It really is beautiful and I'm excited to try other bits from Rosie's range for M&S

 I picked up this on my gift card as well as a travel size 'New York' by M&S that is the perfect dusky evening scent, I got both for under £20 so great for a gift idea as well! :)

Has anyone else tried this perfume by Rosie H-W? What did you think?


Unknown said...

Love the first photo! I've had the same perfume for YEARS! This has inspired me to shake things up a bit and perhaps try a new scent!

Unknown said...

Thanks Amy :) Yes I would deffo recommend shaking it up a bit mine has been the same!! x

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