Casual OOTD | Brighton Lazy Day

Can't quite believe that it is now warm enough to go out in a jacket only? Is this the same UK I have grown up in?! It's been such nice weather lately and I've been more than happy to throw my ever so loyal leather jacket back on. I had the day off last Friday for my best friends birthday, Brighton was bright and sunny (even cracked out the sunnies for the drive!), so we mooched about town and had some lunch before he went back to London. 

What I wore:

Black jeans - Topshop
Lilac/Pastel Blue Jumper - New Look
Leather Jacket - New Look
Shoes- Vans

Love this pastel blue shade for spring, it definitely brightens up my predominately black/grey/neutral wardrobe! Reminds me I definitely need to branch out into more pastel shades, I always think they will look off with my pale skin tone (this year's resolution - GET A REAL TAN.) but there are too many pretty things out in the shops at the moment not to indulge in!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend :)

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