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Helloooo again! I've had some absolute mares with my skin lately, and have run out of my usual skincare routine products so decided to keep eyes open for new bits on my last 'wander' into Boots. Over the last few months it has become more and more of a noticeable problem, bordering on me maniacally googling all and anything acne symptom related. It's never easy talking about spots/acne but first time for everything!  I have oily/combination skin and am blemish-prone in the lower half of my face, generally suffering from breakouts in small clusters or under the skin painful bumps that never seem to surface or are incredible small if so, not nice at all! So I was on the hunt for something new that my skin wouldn't grow too tolerant to. My local Boots have started stocking the entire Eucerin range, all colour coded (organisation dreams) for different skin types/problems, a bit like mentioned in my Yes To! post with their range. I liked the look of their stuff after hearing good things about their trusty body lotion that has been going for YEARS. 

I picked up their Dermo Purifying Toner & Dermo Purifying Active Concentrate on a offer that was running (I think it was  3 for 2 on skincare?). I've run out of toner recently and have been really missing the refreshing step in my routine to wake up my skin in the morning after cleansing. I dab a small amount on a cotton pad and apply all over my face after my cleanser and before my moisturiser morning and night. This has a lovely fresh, clean and reviving feel to it when applied to the skin and, so far, I'm loving how it makes my skin feel and revitalizes it for the day ahead. I wouldn't say I had seen any blemish's reduced/affected by it but it is lovely in terms of making my skin feel awake. The Active Concentrate is a really silky formula that applies easily and doesn't sting (finally!). I know some people think that the stronger a product is/feels, the 'better' it works, but something about that in my head doesn't quite add up in terms of 'is it good for you?!' Anyway, I dab this onto problem areas and then massage in as if it were moisturiser, letting it sink in over night. I've only used this for a week or so now so haven't been able to measure results, but I have noticed it speeds up the spots process, letting it come to the surface the next day & back down again quicker than usual. I wouldn't say it makes them disappear overnight to silky smooth skin (the dream) but so far not too bad.

I also picked up the Garnier Pure Active Spot Fighting 24-hr Moisturiser (longest name ever?!) in Boots on the 3-for-2 offer. Which, by the way, has THE nicest smell I've ever found in a moisturiser!!(strong words I know) It smells just like cucumber when applying to the face in the least chemically produced way, really refreshing in the morning and before bed. I haven't seen massive results in the 'spot-fighting' element of it but it has a really nice texture and smell that I do like about it. It's not too rich and makes everything feel sticky/greasy but a pea sized blob is enough to cover the face! 

Overall, I do enjoy using the above but can't help have the feeling I haven't quite seen their true 'anti-blemish' aspects put into action just yet! I have a strong feeling my acne/spots are down to stress/hormones which can't be helped, I will use them up as they aren't so bad I have to throw them away or give me any sensitive skin problems etc. However, I do think I should probably carry on widening my range of skincare instead of just staying with the same old, I seem to with make up but not skincare/ this space for more drugstore spot fighting finds! Or if you know of anything you think I would like/ recommend for blemish prone oily skin, then let me know in the comments below! :)

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