Drugstore Palettes | Maybelline 'The Nudes'

Could I really resist ANOTHER nude palette? Absolutely not. Pretttyyyy sure my eye palette collection is getting slightly out of control now! But 'The Nudes' palette by Maybelline is a complete drugstore gem that doesn't break the bank, and still delivers with quality, so why not? I absolutely love Maybellines Lash Sensational Mascara (think I might be slightly addicted) & their 24-Hr Colour Tattoo Eyeshadows, so couldn't wait to try this palette out once it came to the UK! I first saw it in a Carli Bybel tutorial on Youtube a few months back & after a quick search couldn't find it in the UK. I actually forgot about it after that disappointing result until I came across it when having a wander round Boots' aisles! Maybelline have always been a firm drugstore favourite of mine when it comes to looking for a cheaper alternative to something, and this is no exception!

I picked mine up in Boots as it was 3 for 2 on all Maybelline products, but even off offer this palette is super affordable for anyone on a budget, as it keeps the quality of a high end palette with it. I love the shimmery shades for a more stand out look, and the matte shades for a more toned down neutral look. Saying that, they are all super pigmented and blendable whichever way you decide to use them! So easy and versatile to use for a daytime or night out look, this palette is great for anything from a light, simple look to full on smokey eyes. I've mix & matched different shades from this palette to create so many different combinations! I especially like the dark shimmery brown (3rd from right on the bottom row) in the outer corner to create & build definition whatever the occasion.

Overall, this is a great little palette for anyone looking to start out with eye make up, practicing different make up looks and perfecting that all important blend. It's lightweight enough to pop in your handbag if you're out for the duration of the day/night, (unlike when I try to take the Naked 2 out and it weighs my bag down like a tonne of bricks) for those touch ups. The only thing that is different about it to other eye palettes I own, and this is me just being totally picky, but it doesn't have a mirror. Pedantic, I KNOW. But it's a handy function on the move! Other than that, I really like it and am so impressed of the quality and long wearing life of the shadows for a drugstore palette. It's one I've been reaching for morning after morning since it landing on my dressing table.

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