Current Favourite Palettes

Another long overdue post! These two favourites today are most definitely ones I fall in love with every time I use them. I've lost count of the times I've mentioned them to friends or banged on about them and their contents! 

I'm a sucker for anything nude hued (all the rhymes) and these two fit the bill perfectly for an all round day-to-night collection of shades. I'm probably the only person that actually reads the little cards inside palettes of the different looks you can create & the mini 'How-To's' from the brand. But I really like them. Not only do they actually work but its always fun to learn different techniques and swapping shades with your own preference. Aaaaall of the mix and match fun.

I picked both of these up in NY but you can get Too Faced back here in the UK as well. And thank god, because I have definitely purchased some more of their stuff since being home! It is amazing quality, not to mention they last ages too. Really, really impressed with this palette, and their brand since buying it.  I haven't been disappointed yet (coming from someone who is quite fussy about these things). I love how this palette goes down in shades from lighter to darker, although it's really easy to mix them up as well. I would probably put the last two rows as more evening wear, but the single shadows are great for wearing in the day on their own. I have to admit that 'Cashmere Bunny' & 'Nude' from this palette have been my (almost every) daily crease colour. They are just dreamy when blended out in the crease for definition on it's own or with a full eye look. 'Silk Teddy' is also the perfect under the brow bone with the right amount of shimmer in to highlight underneath! Really love this palette and (I never say this) absolutely 100% worth the price tag.

Okay so the picture above isn't the best quality but in the light those glitter shades are so sparkly, without looking overly tacky/ year 9 Barry M Dazzledust like. I've used them in the daytime on their own with a flick of eyeliner & mascara, making me look instantly more awake. You can also use them 'wet' for evening looks as they come out much more pigmented and intense. The matte shades in this palette are lovely for casual blending/light definition in the daytime or at work. I really enjoyed their little card with tips & tricks as well. Never have I used eyeshadow as a liner before, (shoot me) but I really, really liked it for a softer, work wear look! The shimmer shades are also quite light and easy to wear in the day time for a more casual look. But like the TF palette, all colours in this palette can be built up into a stronger evening look. So versatile! I got mine in Sephora and I am still hunting for a UK stockist of this (I think mine was $70). Also been trying to eye up their 'Sand' palette as well...woops.

So there we have it, my two current favourite eye palettes. They are very similiar in colour/shades/tones but they have individual qualities they just make them stand out to me! Has anybody else tried anything from Two Faced? I find their UK selection isn't as big as their US stock, and also harder to find here but I'm already eyeing up so many of their other bits! They're cruelty free too which is also good to know.
Have you tried any of these palettes? What did you think?


Kacy Smart said...

That Too Faced palette looks like a dream! x

Unknown said...

Thanks Kacy! It is so beaut, you get so much use out of it! :) x

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