Too Faced Sweetheart Blush

This would have been a perfect Valentines style post but I have been SO busy the last few weeks it just completely slipped my mind. To be honest though, just LOOK at that packaging, do I really need a holiday as a excuse to write about it?! I picked this up in Sephora in the US after seeing them a few times over here, I was stuck between getting a pinker shade to add to my collection but out of the other two there were a few stark shades that just weren't my cup of tea overall (sorry not sorry). The 'Peach Beach' shade had just the right amount of coral pink, rosy pink & rose gold-esque pink to suit my musings.

I love, love, love anything & everything from Too Faced at the moment. As mentioned in my last post, with their Natural Eye Palette doing no wrong in the smoky eye department. This blush has got a slight shimmer to it, but fear not fellow oily-skinned girls! As it is in the nicest highlighting way. When swept over the apples of the cheeks and sitting just above my contour, I find no need for added highlighter, as the tiny bit of shimmer in it that looks so bold above, comes across perfectly in the light to enhance the face. 

I actually really like the coral pink shades in this blush. Too often when buying a coral pink blush I end up using it to find it just looks a muddy orange on me. Paired with bronzer it's a nightmare waiting to happen, really. I do have very fair skin so was I dubious about how lightly to use this, but with a mix of all 3 shades on my brush, it brings out a beautiful balance of pink & coral, without looking too orange-coral. The packaging, like all TF products is just stunning, to be honest I think this is mainly what draws me in. AND the fact that the quality of their make up is fantastic.

I'm hoping to grow my collection of TF products as everything I have tried from them recently has been so good! Hopefully we will start to see more of their US range over here too (hint hint?!).

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! 

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