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Since buying the Anastasia Beverly Hill's Dipbrow Pomade  I've been a ABH convert and addict, I definitely did not take enough advantage in Sephora! Their products are ones I'm always lusting after, especially after seeing them used in so many US make up tutorials. It's a shame we don't always get the new releases in the UK but hopefully soon we will! I'm loving the strong eyebrow trend at the moment, I pluck my own brows to their natural shape at home, and try to leave without going OTT on them as previous years!  Tempted to try threading next, if anyone has any tips or recommendations?

I wanted to try the Brow Wiz pencil out for quite a while, I'd seen a few beauty bloggers use it and found it different to eyebrow pencils I'd used before, they're not my usual go-to product to be honest. The combined ultra fine pencil and spoolie end was a no brainer to me as it's two tools in one....aka a lazy girls best friend. I'd used Dipbrow religiously for months after coming home with it from NYC and hadn't put it down since. As absolutely amazing as Dipbrow is, I do find my brows take longer when using it. Brow Wiz gives me more a effortlessly natural brow in minutes (5 minutes extra sleep please?) and is easy to do with the built in spoolie brush on the end! I went for Medium Brown, which has a grey-ish undertone to it. I fill my brows in and then set them in place with a clear brow gel. The ABH Clear Brow Gel is a absolute diamond, those brows will not move all day and night with it on, believe me! I've since run out so it looks like another order is needed...

What are your favourite ABH products?

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Unknown said...

I really want to try this because it seems so much easier than the dipbrow pomade, I just couldn't get the hang of it!


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