The Even Longer Awaited Contour Kit | Anastasia Beverly Hills

Hiya! Back again with something I have been dying to blog about for ages now, but had to give it a full turnaround of trying it out. Ahhh this product has been on my wishlist for SO GOD DAMN LONG. I am such a big fan of contouring & highlighting, and the Anastasia Beverley Hills brand since picking up a few of their bits in NYC. I originally had my eyes on the powder contour kit but this came out on pre-order from Cult Beauty a few weeks back and I just knew I had to try the cream version out first!

I went for the ABH Cream Contour Kit in 'Light' before the powder version as I've always thought cream contouring can look a lot more natural than powder, and it's easier to blend. This kit contains 2 highlighting shades, a pink colour correcting shade & 3 contour shades. There is also the option to replace the pans once they run out, which I think is a great idea for your favourite/most used shades. I suppose you could also customise this to your liking with other contouring shades ABH have as well.

The palette contains 3 highlighting colours starting with the yellow 'Banana' shade. This is perfect for colour correcting dark eye circles before highlighting with 'Vanilla', I am naturally SO pale and thought when this came through the post that I would only be able to use it when I have a tan on. However, I find Banana being picked up again and again to colour correct my under eye circles (who needs sleep anyway?!) and then Vanilla over top to conceal the yellow which works well when I'm pale AND when I'm tanned. So versatile. The formula of these are very thick, if you've used Mac's Select Cover Up for under eye concealing it is similar to that. I haven't really used the 'Cool Pink' colour corrector as it's main function is to correct yellow/sallow undertones, which I don't have. I did see something online somewhere about someone using it as a light cream blush so I might try that out with it!

The three contouring shades in the cream contour kit are all very warm-toned, which when I'm tanned is great as they blend in with the colour well and look natural. But when I'm paler I find cooler toned contouring powders suit me better, so I use this palette more when I am a darker colour. I have used 'Cream' contouring when I don't have as much of a tan though and it does blend in well, and doesn't stand out as orange. These contour shades are a dream to blend out & apply so easily. I really like using 'Nude' to sculpt my face and along the sides of my nose too, it's definitely one of the most used shades for me. 'Cinnamon' is the darkest of the trio but when used alongside 'Nude' I find they create a great combo shade to use all over. I often use Cinnamon to add to my cheek contour if it's not as defined as I'd like.

Swatches L-R; 
Top row- Banana, Vanilla, Cool Pink
Bottom row- Cream, Nude, Cinnamon

Overall,  I absolutely love this palette and I'm so glad I bought it first! It's made me want to try out the powder version even more as the quality is second to none, like most ABH products. The powder kit also has some cooler toned contour shades so it'll be interesting to see how they pair up when used together. I've been reaching for this daily at the moment and can't get enough of it! It really does sculpt and enhance your features so much without looking fake or OTT. Hopefully somewhere in the UK will start stocking the cream refill shades, the rate I'm using it I will need them asap!  I always struggle to find decent cream contouring products in the UK so for £40 I'm pretty happy how long wearing this is, not to mention how much wear I'm getting out of it.

What are your favourite products to contour with?! Give me some personal favs or recommendations!


Unknown said...

Great post, I keep avoiding purchasing anything from ABH because of the price but I think I'm going to have to cave and purchase something because I get jealous seeing everyone elses stuff ha!

Adele-Marie xx | One Girls Obsession With Makeup

Unknown said...

Thanks Adele :) I know! I couldn't help myself in Sephora though and the obsession has carried over across the Atlantic now that BeautyBay & CultBeauty stock it! So worth the extra £££!


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