Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

A whole week without posting on my I feeling okay?! I would of done a new post sooner but I was so bloody ill over the weekend I'm still recovering slightly! 

Onto this new make up bag hermit, I've had a few (a few as in probably 5) samples of this primer from the Smashbox counter & loved it so much I went to buy the full version, saw it was £25.00, reeled back in pure skint Brighton girl horror.....and purchased the travel sized one at £12.50, logical. ALL of the common sense Ami. Trips into Boots does strange things to me, clearly.

The primer is a lovely matte texture, with a gel consistency and feels so velvety smooth once applied to the skin! Like Benefit's Pore Professional without the colour, but same feel to the face. The photo finish range is huge, with different options like colour correcting, hydrating, blemish control, a SPF one, luminizing, etc, the list goes on! So there is a choice for everyone, which I think is great as there seems to be so many different skin types around these days. I know for one that I'm always drawn to foundation/powder products that are made/marketed towards oily skin, so a range this big is impressive for future purchases (sorry debit card). They have recently bought out a pore minimizing primer which I've seen lots of people ranting and raving about, it does sound like a dupe for Benefit's Pore Professional so I will try check it out after this ones finished! :)

The coverage of this primer goes on really nicely, I feel like it does a great job of keeping my make up on all day. Although I do have oily skin, I have just accepted that I will have to do the mid-day matte powder touch up, primer or paint filler on my face, it is inevitable. Unless tomorrow is finally the day I wake up as J-Lo or Alena Shishkova with unreal skin. Unlikely but I can dream. I don't feel I need to use a massive amount daily as I apply a small dot to my nose, forehead, cheeks & chin area which then covers my whole face for the day ahead, so this travel sized version will probably last me quite a while! Overall, I really like this primer and would definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a good daily primer if you have a long working day, or if you wear less make up, for a night out/ special occasion where you want your make up to stay looking flawless all night! It is definitely becoming one of my daily favourites.

Have you tried any Smashbox products? What is your favourite primer?

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Unknown said...

I've never tried anything from Smashbox but i've heard amazing things about the primer. Mini travel size is a good idea to start with :)

Sophie x

Unknown said...

It is really good! :) I'm thinking of getting a sample size or travel size version of the illuminating one or pore minimizing one!

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